About Us

Before starting Pink and Purple Mobile Parties Mary Anjanette worked for twenty years in the nursing field which included working as a Clinical Research Nurse at University of Michigan and Clinical Research Nurse Consultant at the University of North Carolina.

Besides nursing, Mary Anjanette's other passion is party planning.

Our main goal is this: From the moment your little princess enters the decorated room (in the comfort of your own home) she will be pampered and treated like royalty.

We strive to provide a wonderful experience that your daughter will never forget!


Many of us find ourselves intimidated when it comes to even the thought of planning children's birthday parties. Parents, for varied reasons were finding it more and more challenging to plan and hold successful home birthday parties.

Citing everything from wear and tear on their homes, to inability to provide engaging activities, to the expense of do it yourself parties, parents conveyed feelings of frustration when planning and holding home based birthday parties without help.

In today's busy life we help parents plan a fun filled party for their children. Purple and Pink Mobile Parties is committed to bring an exciting, magical, fun filled and unforgettable party for your princess! The parties are geared towards all princesses aged 3 to teen.

Our parties will provide you with child size tables and chairs, elegant table and chair linens, stemware, fine china, appropriate theme party center pieces, theme party activities and music, costumes, party favors and more.

Our staff are well trained to provide you with a wonderful party experience.

As a parent, all you need to do is supply the food and drinks and we will take care of the rest