My daughter had a great time and even wanted to take home her robe from the spa party! LOL.



I really loved the fact that Purple And Pink really cares about their clients and uses all natural ingredients for facials and foot baths and provides a wonderful party experience! My daughter said that she “had an awesome time!” 



Being a parent, the best part about the party was that I could relax, observe and take photos while Purple and Pink took care of the rest! They were very professional and courteous! I would highly recommend Purple and Pink Mobile Parties to all my friends! 



Usually my daughter gets bored after about 20 minutes at those “jump houses” or watching a magician perform. However, at a Purple and Pink Party there was always something going on that caught her interest and kept her amused! After two hours at the party she didn’t want to leave! 



The arts and crafts portion of the Purple and Pink parties is top notch! My daughter just loved decorating her take-home flip flops!